Wow what a site you have - will be going back there to spend more time with you later today !I am amazed by it - and by you ! Thank you for visiting me too - glad you enjoyed your time on my site ! am glad you are happy with it :) ! 

'Moonflower" Mary Alice 

Juni 2003



Vielen Dank Mary. Über diesen besonderen Award habe ich mich sehr gefreut. Es ist unglaublich wie deine Organisation sich um arme Tiere kümmert und alles versucht  Tiere zu schützen.     





Dear Wolfgang,

I have been to your site and it is fantastic!! please accept this award. Please let me know if you get it alright. If you have a bnner I would love to have one. I have my banner on this page your friend Molly  

Mai 2003

Vielen Dank für die beiden wunderschönen Award. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut über die besondere Auszeichnungen. 

Grüße nach Amerika Wolfi




Hi Wolfgang,
It is with great pleasure that I give you this award, all I ask for in return is that you please link it back to my web site, my URL is at the bottom of my email.  You have a wonderful web site and certainly deserve the award. Kindest regards,

April 2003

Vielen Dank Val für den wunderschönen Award aus dem fernen Australien. 

Liebe Grüße Wolfi




Hi Wolfgang

We are so glad that you stopped in and applied for awards  we have just been to your outstanding fantastic site and truly agreed you deserve the awards.
We have attached your award along with our award banner all we ask is either if you could please link back the award :

Mai 2004

so others my visit us and have a chance to win also. Please let us know when you have applied your new award to your page so that we may add you to our winners page. Once again congratulations on a well deserved award keep up the great work my friend.

Be Welcome to the site Fragments




   Von den New Yorker Cops



Dear Wolfgang you has a wonderful informative Homepage. much more so lucky
Greetings New York police 2004 







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